How to Attract Women with Your Online Personal Ad

How to Attract Women with Your Online Personal Ad


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Online dating is one of the quickest and easiest ways for single men to meet women, but taking into account that every month there are around 8 million women visiting online dating sites, what would make you more appealing and guarantee you lots of dates?

First of all you have to inspire yourself from advertisement writers who are trying to sell products when you describe yourself. To make it easier for you, think about it like a 3-U’s rule. You have to describe yourself in a way that suggests uniqueness, ultra-specificity and urgency. Furthermore, you need to organize your description properly; you need to write an attractive headline then develop on your personal profile and finish it with a catchy ending. You don’t want to be among the 70% of men who never get women interested in them, so make sure you follow these rules and, most of all, use correct grammar and don’t give redundant information which makes you look boring.

Another mistake men do on online dating sites is using very common and unappealing descriptions which don’t say anything original or interesting about them. Writing that you like watching movies, hiking and that you are a romantic guy looking for a special girl is what most men say about themselves. Dare to be out of the ordinary!

The headline is the most important and decisive element of your description. Women will decide if they want to know you better or not just by reading this brief phrase. Writing that you are a “single guy looking for a nice girl” is not only common and typical, but also redundant. You can try asking a question that would trigger her interest, like “Have you ever seen X?”. This kind of phrase will make her want to find out what is it so special about that place, movie, book etc.

When writing your personal profile you have to give plenty of details and separate yourself from the other men online. Of course it’s easy to say you like to do anything fun, but be specific. Share the experiences you had and how they impressed you. Women will be very pleased to get to know you in a more personal way by reading the feelings you had while watching a movie or visiting a certain place.

If you also make an invitation showing women you want to share this kind of experience with a special person and then end the description by adding a “deadline”, women will be more apt to respond quickly. You could describe what kind of feelings you had when you watched a certain movie and how it made you change the way you think and then make an invitation to a movie specifying the exact time you would like to go (next week for instance).

As long as you get out of the ordinary by expressing your unique personality and show your willingness to share your time and experiences with someone else, women will be more eager to respond to your online ads. It’s as simple as that.

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