How to avoid online dating obsessions

How to avoid online dating obsessions


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Online dating can lead you to live a healthy dating life, helping you to develop connections with women and going out with them, no matter what type of relationship you might develop with them, you still need to have a strong base of social skills on which you can further build your connections. The online dating environment can become highly addictive, just because it’s so easy to meet someone new, but it can also lead to a decrease in your social skills.

The confidence you gain from online dating does not necessarily transmit to the real world and unfortunately, men tend to become a bit addicted, they might even end up substituting old-fashioned dating for online dating, thus becoming a problem.

Here are the possible side-effects to this possible excessive experience.

1. Unproductiveness

Due to the fact that men tend to spend a lot of time on online dating sites checking women’s profiles again and again without sending any message at all. It’s really creepy because the women whose profile you visited can see that you have and if you do eventually find the courage to write to them they probably won’t answer, just because you’ve seen their profile 17 times before.

If you want to be successful, you need to spend little time on an online dating site, and always have some goals you want to achieve, like seeing 10 profiles and choosing a few of them to send a message to, and immediately after you’ve achieved these goals log off.

2. More time spent flirting online

The best thing you can do is try to talk to women face-to-face, rather than flirting online. Your dating skills will improve considerably and it will boost your self-esteem, knowing that you’re talking to an attractive woman. Moreover, it will make you look or seem less desperate for a connection. Talking to girls in person will also help improve your online dating experience.

You need to spend more than the double amount of time having real life conversations than in the online environment, keeping in mind that your initial goal when it comes to online dating is to create more opportunities of meeting women offline.

3. Multiple profiles

It might be harder for you to manage more than three online dating profiles, you need to stay concentrated and know exactly what you’re looking for and there is no need for you to get confused by having to log on daily on multiple sites, you tend to forget who you messaged and where, only worsening the experience.

4. Other people’s opinions

Do you really think people care that you are enrolled on an online dating site? With social media spread so far into our lives, why is online dating supposed to be shameful? And you will benefit more from being honest; there is no chance that one of your friends finds your profile.

Online dating is great for you when getting out of a serious relationship because it boosts your self-confidence, and helps you meet the people you would enjoy spending time with. 

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