How to break up with someone

How to break up with someone


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These are some of the best tips to break-up in a proper manner with someone:

1. Face-to-face

This might seem the most obvious tip, but most people seem to ignore it and would do almost anything to avoid their ex-partner. Keep in mind that how you break up with someone is very important and you might find some methods that might seem acceptable when they really aren’t. If you have been dating for a long time, a face-to-face break up is a must. We live in a society based on texting, instant messages, e-mails or Facebook posts but remember that you have had feelings for that person and vice versa so you owe her at least that: a face-to-face break up. When you want to break up with someone, you should put yourself in her shoes and then do the step. You would like her to say it to your face so man up and do the same thing!

Honesty is the best policy

When you want to break up with someone, honesty might seem brutal, but it’s the only way to do it. You can lie a little to spare her feelings but avoid exaggeration because it will only leave her with more questions. Be as honest as you can without being too insensitive. If you tell her the truth, she will handle it better as she can think about what you have told her and eventually move on.  She might feel horrible after she hears the truth, but it will benefit both of you in the long run.

Stay away from her in the online world

After we have been dumped, the most tempting thing to do is to follow our ex’s profile to see what he/she has been up to. It is a nightmare but we still do it. Even if your ex-girlfriend might be following you on a nightly basis, you should avoid hers. Don’t post anything on her profile and don’t give her likes on anything she posts. If you do, you will invite conversation, drama or more stalking from her. A clean break starts in the real world and ends on the Internet.

Stay away from her in the real world

After you broke up with someone, you must avoid that person. Wherever she invites you to a coffee, don’t go. Decline her politely and watch out to be really respectful and honest.

Stay out of the Grapevine

If after the break up you end up with some of your ex’s friends, you should tell her. She should always find out from you and not from other people. This might seem awful and painful and it is, but it is the mature thing to do. She would appreciate it and you owe her that. Moreover, you will end up covering all your bases and you will come out on top.

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