How to catch her attention online

How to catch her attention online


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With millions of users, with a mind bending speed, the Internet challenges us to act fast and be attentive. In the online dating world, things are even more hallucinating. While in the old-fashioned way of dating a woman you have weeks to impress her, to court her, online dating is practically obliging you to grab a girl’s attention in something like seconds.

For exactly this problem, we gathered here, for you guys, some tips to make her remember you from the chaos of online dating.

1. Type like you would like to read

Spelling, grammar, punctuation. These are a must. A quality woman will fall in love with you at least for good typing, which actually means more if you use it. For her, it will mean that you are educated, mature, confident and more than everything, you have things under control and make them properly. This is what good typing means, so learn it and edit your profile where you think it is necesary.

2. Use a real photo

An out-dated photo of you since when you were 19 years old is for sure not going to bring you many messages from potential dates. Use a recent photo which shows you doing something interesting, like a hobby or a sport or something. Anything that you are doing in that photo will make a woman draw conclusions, so please choose the profile picture wisely.

3. Don’t be annoying

In a chat room, act mature. Do no use many emoticons, don’t type with Caps Lock on and more than anything, don’t expect to get all the attention in the chat room, by doing so. A grown man shouldn’t have to explain each typed word. He should have clever yet modest lines, preferably to let himself dragged into a conversation, not the other way around.

4. Show some interest

Women love to talk, it’s true. But what they like more than this is to have somebody that listens to them. This is an easy task. Each time you talk to a different woman, ask her questions, feed her with smart and small questions. You could try asking if she likes reading, if she does, ask about what was her favorite thing written in a book. You got the idea.

Finally, all you have to do is have a good image, type correctly, be respectful and show her that you’re interested.  Good luck!

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