How to choose a profile photo to draw her attention

How to choose a profile photo to draw her attention


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Even if some sites don’t allow a profile picture of anything else than your face, there still are some which do. My advice is that if you have the option of choosing between a picture of your dog and a picture of yourself, pick the one in which you look your best.

I accept that you’ve been an amazingly beautiful toddler, or that your hair was naturally blond three summers ago, but if you don’t look like that anymore, pick a recent photo which shows you as you look right now. 

I can understand that you want to put yourself into the best light for drawing her attention, but it won’t be a good start at all. The idea of online dating is to move forward to offline dating, so, if the two of you meet and she discovers that in reality you look older with 5 years, she will be disappointed because you mislead her.

Also, it’s true that everyone has a thing or two which would like to Photoshop away, but showing a fake image of yourself on an online dating site will not help you surpass your frustrations or complexes. Moreover, you surley won’t win somebody’s heart by lying to them.

2. Don’t use a cropped photo

It’s something normal to have your face in the focus of a profile picture, but it’s not normal to have your face plus a half blushed cheek squashed against yours.  So don’t crop a picture in which it’s obvious you were hugging a girl closely. There are women who will be turned off by your gesture and the way you tried hiding it.

Instead, opt for a photo in which you stand alone or in a bigger crowd but without cropping anything. Women tend to see every detail so keep an eye on your photos.

3. Show your goods

If you have interesting hobbies or passions, use the profile picture to speak about that. Take a pic working on your miniature airplanes or another one with your home-brewed bottles of wine.

If your passion is travelling, it’s even better. Post a picture of you in Italy, at Juliet’s balcony or one in front of Taj Mahal. Nothing could be better than posing in front of such monuments of love.

An online dating profile gives you the opportunity of making out of yourself an image that will attract women. So choose wisely and think before posting. 

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