How to date a woman on Facebook


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Why access online dating sites when Facebook is alive? Facebook makes it so easy for you to hit on a friend of a friend. Plus, if you have some common friends with that girl, she might let herself easier convinced to go out for coffee. Imagine all those cute girls your friends are probably hiding right under your nose. The only problem is that you might seem creepy if you constantly hit on random girls. Act like a maniac and she will most likely offer you a ‘Report’. Act with subtlety and you might have some chances in getting into her good graces.

It’s a good idea to avoid paying a woman compliments on her looks if you never met her in person. Also, you shouldn’t ask her out immediately after you start talking to her. You are a stranger for her so don’t hurry and scare her away. You need a simple set of rules and tips to get this going. Here you go:

Sort your photos

Remove or hide all those photos which might make her frown. Eliminate all those photos which might indicate that you’re not serious or that you are just a superficial dater.

Sort your Wall

Make your wall look impeccable by cleaning out any game related updates, stupid memes or bad music shared on your wall by your friends. Be careful on what you post because everything you comment, like or share is recorded and speaks a lot about your personality. You want to make a good impression, right?

Once you prepared your Facebook profile, it’s time to introduce yourself to all those gorgeous ladies.

Refresh your Friends list

As you probably figured out already, the more friends you have on your list, the higher the chances of meeting some cool girl are. Therefore you should become Facebook friends with as many people as you feel like, of course, attentively selected.

Friends of friends

Once you made friends with everyone on Earth and beyond, it’s time to keep an eye on what are those people posting, where they check-in and who are they with. Engage in conversations held by people who seem most interesting and try to keep the interest of a singular person from a whole group. Be witty and funny. You can also meet a nice girl by checking your friend’s friend list and search for cute women. You can ask that friend to introduce you to that particular girl, next time, in person.

Add her as your friend

Lastly, you can add her as your friend on Facebook. Of course, she will wonder who you are and if you know each other. Then she will notice that you have some friends in common and perhaps she will feel safer. You could tell her that you’ve heard a lot about her from your mutual friend and if you haven’t had the chance to meet her in person, you wanted to try and meet her on Facebook, at least. She will fall for that and perhaps she will even invite you out for a coffee to convince herself. 

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