How to end a contact with a match

How to end a contact with a match


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Online dating is highly appreciated for the fact that it permits you to get to know someone from a safe distance, with low chances of getting emotionally hurt. Also, it’s easier to reject someone online since there is a small possibility of crossing that certain person on the street, the next day.

For men, online dating might be heaven on earth. You have the opportunity of rejecting a woman’s attention without any explanation, if they don’t find her attractive enough or smart enough.

There are situations in which you might be matched with a woman with whom you talk for a while only to discover that the two of you aren’t going anywhere. Online dating makes these situations easy since you can cut her loose without having to face her disappointment.

There are many ways of telling a woman that it’s over. Even if it’s not that recommended, a little bit of a white lie might save her ego. You could tell her something like “I am gone for the next month in Beijing on a business trip. After that I will have to work another few months on my new project. I’m terribly sorry, but it seems like now it’s not the perfect time for me to date. Still, I enjoyed our conversations.”

Also, you can simply ignore her, but that is just cruel because you let her imagine things and ask herself questions about her charms. Another option is to block her and in this way you will never see her again online or on your recommended matches.

Still, if you want to take the humane route, you can upfront her and tell her politely that you are moving on because you don’t think that the two of you could be a match on the long run. She will feel disappointed and perhaps a little bit angry, but she will for sure appreciate your honesty and openness.

The last option, of being honest is the best one, since it shows human decency and respect. Also, you will save a woman from staying up all night and wondering where she did wrong. 

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