How to figure in the top of the search results

How to figure in the top of the search results


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waiting for women to contact them, and if you think that’s easy, then you’re wrong. For women to actually contact you, they need to know that you are there, that you actually exist, and until you’re profile isn’t seen by them, it’s like you don’t exist. Try imagining how it would feel like to pour your heart and soul into a profile, making it the most epic one out there and no one saw it, you’d get upset right?

So if that isn’t enough, what can you do you ask? Well, for starters, you can update your profile more frequently; most of the dating sites out there reward the most active members by putting them up a step, to the top of the search results. You can do this by slightly editing the content of your profile, adding photos or changing your profile pic. You need to understand that a woman can choose any filter she wants, just so she doesn’t waste time, and guess what: recently active members is one of the most common category a woman sorts profiles by.

Wondering how to be her perfect match? Another common feature present on online dating sites is that you can filter out the members that aren’t really your type, and guess what, if you don’t like the things she does, then the filter isn’t going to figure you in her search results. So selecting the right attributes is a big deal.

So, what you should include in your profile mostly depends on the type of girl you’re trying to attract. Think of this aspect in terms of marketing, which is knowing your audience. You need to market yourself so try focusing on the common interests you would have with the girl you’re looking for.

Even if you dominate the search results, that doesn’t necessarily mean that you will be successful, or have rows of women at your feet begging you to date them. You still have to compose that awesome profile so you can attract the kind of woman you’re into.

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