How to get a woman who rejected you

How to get a woman who rejected you


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Sometimes it may happen that by acting too confident and going too far on a date, you make her back off. It may be something you said or maybe things got too physical and she was not ready for something more.

Regardless of what it is that you did, you can try and fix it, or even better, make her crave for you. How is that even possible you ask? Well, women are very complicated, but one thing they cannot accept is losing a guy’s interest. So, once you noticed she backed off and does not show you any interest, you tell her that you are sorry for the last night and you should be friends.

Don’t worry about ending in the so-called “friend-zone”, because this is the move that will bring her back into your arms ASAP.  She will be surprised to see your change of spirit and she will look confused. Try to explain to her that you realized there couldn’t be more than a friendship between you and that you would like her to be your good friend because she is a good person.

There is nothing more confusing than a guy telling you he wants to be friends after the night when he tried to get you to go to bed with him. She will have a lot of thoughts on her mind because she will not understand what happened. Is she not attractive enough? Did you already find a better woman? She cannot and will not accept being forgotten just like that. From this point on, she will try to impress you and draw your attention to her once again to prove herself that she can regain your interest.

You may be wondering why does this twisted reverse psychology works so well on women. It’s not just working on women, but on most people. We tend to crave more for something we can no longer have so we try to prove to ourselves that we are still able to get what we want. You would probably feel the same in her situation; actually we are always attracted to women who couldn’t care less about us.

Do you get the point now? It’s something natural in the way the human psyche works, so why not take advantage of it and get the woman you want by showing her she cannot have you anymore.

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