How to get her to change her relationship status

How to get her to change her relationship status


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There comes a time when you’re in a new relationship and you expect her to change her relationship status, should you even bother with this matter? And if it does bother you, what should you do?

In this day and age, many people tend to consider that relationships are valid and real, only when the two people involved put their relationship status on Facebook. Even though this may seem silly and childish, it’s no different than how relationships were proclaimed in the past.

The tips that follow are going to help you by changing your girlfriend’s relationship status and making it official online.

1. Talk to her

Why don’t you just try to talk to her about this and ask her why she hasn’t changed her relationship status, even if you might not like the answer you get from her, but at least you won’t be wondering constantly, why?

2. Change your status first

If you want this so much, why don’t you change your Facebook relationship status first? Maybe she is waiting for you to do it, because women tend to be uncertain when such matters emerge. It’s best if you take charge and help her boost her self-esteem.

3. Games

Facebook offers a wide variety of relationship statuses from which two people can choose, including things like “In an open relationship”, “In a domestic partnership” and so on. If she has a great sense of humor she might like it if you play around with various statuses, until you can change it into “In a relationship”.

So, if you want your girlfriend to change her status, try one of the advices mentioned above and get this trouble off your chest. 

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