How to get out of the friend zone

How to get out of the friend zone? How can you become her boyfriend?


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Yesterday I was talking about the friendship relation between a man and a woman, more known as friend zone.
Sometimes it happens that one of them wants to take a step into another direction, the romantic friendship. Men often find themselves in the friend zone. They understand their female friends, they’re near them each time they need it, but the problem persists in them, as they remain their best friends or some kind of a brother.

There comes a moment when the man doesn’t want to remain her understanding best friend anymore.
What can he do? He’s trapped.
Perhaps you find the idea of escaping this zone impossible, but it’s possible if you stop acting like her best friend and instead, start acting with romantic purposes.

Do you want her to want you as more than her best friend? To see you as the man who could offer her a beautiful amorous relationship?

Then let’s change things a bit.
1. Talk to her about other women that you find attractive
Something weird happens in a woman’s head when you clearly show her that you are not interested in her romantically. Suddenly she starts asking herself why?
So, if you start talking to your beautiful best friend, a woman you actually have feelings for, she will pay more attention to you. You show her you have your own life and you’re not interested anymore in just listening and giving her advice. Talking freely with her about other women, about how attractive you find them, you might provoke her to be jealous and not so sure about her charms anymore.

2. Tell her that the two of you are just friends. Give her a clear definition on your relation with her
It’s a little bit harsh, but the idea is to get out of the friend zone and for this you need to change your attitude. Only like this will she also change her view on you. Make her understand you are just friends, that you have your own agenda, that you’re busy. Get away from her, stop being available each time she needs you. In this way, she will come to realize that she really needs you.
Don’t hurry in answering her calls anymore, let her ask herself where you are, with who, where are you going and for sure she will try harder meeting you as often as possible.
Let time pass, retake the friend zone, but this time talk to her about the women you are surrounded by now, confidently and with a smile on your face.

3. Start dating other women
Good. Now things between you and her are settled. You’re not available for her at all times. You got out of the friend zone, got an interesting life, changed your style in clothing and interests. You’re pretty “far” from her, not very reachable. It’s time to meet other women. It’s going to take some time, but finally, seeing you how you date other women will make her want you badly.

It’s funny, but there will always be a competition between women when it comes to men.

She will see you in the company of other women, dating them happily. Like this, you’ll send her the exact message she needs for thinking about you in the way that you want. Now it will be her time to take you out of the friend zone for good. So if she starts seeing you as a potential boyfriend she will even probably make the first move.

If after all this she’s not changing, this means you will forever remain her best friend and nothing more. If so, forget about her and make your own life as far as possible from her.
It’s hard living near a person you love but shows you only friendship feelings, with no other profound emotional involvements.

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