How to impress her friends

How to impress her friends


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You already won her and the time you spend together is amazing. But if the two of you really want to make it “official”, there is one more step to take. To become a real and palpable part of her life, you must impress her friends more than her family or pets, so it’s time to meet them. Her friends are the final judges. Here we have for you some things that you might want to do to impress and some other stuff that you should definitely avoid doing.


Be aware that her friends care about her a lot more than they care about you. She is loved, trusted and protected by them. Their love is immense and without conditions, it’s the pure love, not the muddy one of a simple romantic attraction. They could fight with storms and windmills to keep her safe. In this idea, do not make the mistake of showing them that you are more interested in her body than in her personality and character. Sure, you can show some physical tenderness but make it sweet and shy. Be near her and show respect and protection. Do not make any mistake because even if you won’t notice, they are looking at you.


Yes, you have to be attentive, to show her you are near her and that you are affectionate. But do not fall into that tragic hole of acting like her puppy or like her slave.


People are different and even if they are her friends and you might find it impossible, you won’t get along perfectly with everybody. At least one of them will have a different opinion than you do. But in this idea, you have to remain cool, confident and under no circumstances confrontational. Leave the respective person with his/her idea and say nothing more. This attitude will bring you only good points and perhaps some will even take your side. If you manage to have a common enemy with some of them, you can consider yourself as integrated into the group.


If you consider yourself as fun, charming and original, do not hide your talents. Use these skills to win her friends over, make them laugh, make them be on your side, agree with you and listen to you. A little humor relaxes the tension of being between strangers, it brings people closer. If they see you trying to adapt to them and if you show your interest in making them feel good, you will win their hearts, for sure.

No-Inside jokes

You love her. You love even her weird habits and small imperfections. You love those so much that you already have some inside jokes with her related to these. That’s perfect. Just don’t take it outside the couple. Don’t make the mistake of pointing out stuff that perhaps the others don’t know. Maybe she won’t mind, but her friends might.

Finally, there is no quantic physics, you just need to activate your common sense and be alert at all times. Perhaps even try to put yourself in her shoes and imagine how you would like her to act among your friends.

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