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How to initiate a conversation with a woman and how to keep a good etiquette

How to initiate a conversation with a woman and how to keep a good etiquette


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How to initiate a conversation with a woman and how to keep a good etiquette

After you’ve finished writing your awesome profile, it’s time for some hard work. You have to know how to start a conversation with a woman and how to get her to respond. To begin with, you need to make sure that you’re confident, because if you’re not, she will sense that. Drink a beer or two to help you loosen up, just ensure that you don’t get drunk, that’s not a good idea.

Women don’t respond to the same old boring and unoriginal subject lines, or to the offensive ones, so if you want to catch her attention instantly, try being more creative in the subject line as well as the introduction.

Try not to use any cheesy lines like “I’m your knight in shining armor”, she’ll just laugh about it with a friend. As I have mentioned above, be more creative like “I promise I’m not a pervert!”, even if it sounds cheesy, it’s something different and it’s bound to make her at least smile. They get so many emails from perverted guys, that this will make them read further.

Once the email has been opened, you still have to keep her attention. And if you don’t, then your effort was in vain, because your goal was to get her to read the whole thing and respond to it, and you wouldn’t like to hear her making threats.

You have to personalize the message, because women are sick and tired of the same old copied messages. You should try reading her profile and memorizing the things you have in common, so that you can insert them in your email, if you actually mention things from her profile it means that you are interested in knowing her and proving that you don’t just copy/paste a message.

The manner in which you should write is a friendly one, with some mild humor thrown in the mix. The whole idea is to start a conversation right? So once you get it started, you’ll get a chance to relax. You don’t have to seem cocky or insistent, you just need to show her that you took an interest in her, also try avoiding compliments; it’s kind of annoying for them, especially for the more attractive ones. It’s still fine if you do compliment her, as long as it relates to something other than her looks. Compliment her sense of humor, or the way she writes, anything but her looks, because you become submissive to her the second you do that.

Before you click the send button, re-read your email a few times just to make sure that it sounds good and to correct any mistakes you might have made. You need to pay attention because you won’t get the desired result if you don’t.

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