How to manage all your online dates

How to manage all your online dates


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I wish for every online dater to get his dream date in his first week of online dating. It’s a big pleasure to have the rare luck of finding someone perfectly tailored to your preferences in the first week of your online dating membership.

You can increase your luck like many couples already have, by spending some time to organize all your online dates. The goal of online dating is to get you an offline date but when you meet so many people online and schedule dates with them it can get pretty chaotic and confusing.

Here you have three tips on how to keep your online dates organized as to avoid calling your date “Jane” when her name is actually Maria.

1. Excel spreadsheet

Even if you schedule your dates in your inbox, some of those mails will be deleted after a certain period of time to make room for the others.

The best solution in such situations is to create a spreadsheet with information about each date, something like a cheat sheet. In this way, when the phone rings, you will have all the vital information about that person right in front of you. On this spreadsheet you can add information such as the site you met your date on, age, location and previous marital status.

2. Make a .pdf file out of your date’s profile

In order to have your selected dates separated by the rest of your online dating contacts, it’s clever to save their profiles in a .pdf file. You don’t need to print it, just download it to your computer with the woman’s name as a file name.

If you get nervous on your first date, try to talk about small things such as her favorite movies or books. She will appreciate your attention to details.

3. Add her to your phone contacts

If you exchange phone numbers with a date, make sure to add your date’s name, email address and phone number to your mobile phone’s address book.

In this way, you will remember each woman clearly and get the chance to make things move forward.

If you want to keep track of all your dates you must be organized and attentive. Good luck! 

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