How to master flirting-Easy to apply pieces of advice

How to master flirting-Easy to apply pieces of advice


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If you have just ended a relationship and you want to meet new people, you probably don’t have too much experience in what concerns the flirt, because you lack practice.

Here is what you must take into account and what “weapons” to use in order to get the attention of as many persons as possible, including the ones that you really desire.

The more you flirt, the more attention you will get

Persons who are getting the most attention in public are not necessary the most attractive ones, but they are those that flirt more. Studies have shown that persons who send an average of 35 of these flirtatious messages, per hour, have 4 chances to be approach by someone.

Look into a person’s eyes, touch her gently on her shoulder like it was a mistake or bend your head sideways towards the person whom you are attracted to.

3 eye-contacts are necessary to send a sign

If you want to show a person that you are interested in her, it takes 3 visual contacts. The trick is to get that person look back at you, more often than she would normally do. Besides, once you have established eye-contact, try maintaining it for more than 3 seconds.

A big smile is a good sign

This kind of smile expresses sincerity. If you cannot smile on command, you should try to stay serious, than risking a visible fake smile.

For men, a smile that comes with wrinkles around the eyes is highly appreciated, as it passes as sincere and open.

It is easier to flirt through e-mail

When you barely know a person, it is sometimes hard to start flirting because it seems that you don’t know where to start from. It is easier to do it through e-mail or messages.

You can even send photos to express a certain state of mind if you cannot find the right words. You are probably thinking that this is an activity that is more suitable for a teenager, but studies show that most of the people who use this kind of flirt are between 18-29 years old.

Nearly a third of those 2.252 people interviewed during a study based on this thematic, say that they have received sexual suggestions or nude photos on their e-mail and 13% of them also recognize sending this kind of materials.

Sometimes flirting isn’t what it seems to be.

Studies show than men often misunderstand some friendly gestures made by women, by interpreting them as a flirt. And thus, they can find themselves in very embarrassing situations.

The direction in which their legs point is a sign

Legs are usually aimed towards the direction in which you intend to go, so if the lower limbs of one’s person are headed towards you, it is a good sign. If not, she might not like you very much or might be hard to approach.

Borrowing mimics and gestures as a sign of attraction

When you are attracted to a person, you unwillingly borrow some of her gestures and mimics.

If the person next to you is scratching her hand when you are doing it or crosses her legs right after you have done it, than you can start your “attack”.

Flirting is good for your health

Studies show that both women and men who flirt often have more antibodies in their organism unlike the rest, a fact which can be only a good thing.

Don’t over exaggerate

According to the American Social Problems Research Center, the biggest mistake of those who flirt too much is that they maintain eye-contact too much.

Friendship signs or flirting signs?

It is not that hard to differentiate friendship from flirting. Friends are just nice and friendly, but a woman who is always fixing her hair, wets her lips with her tongue or wants to seem sexy when she gets up from the chair to go to the bathroom, shows you more than friendship.

Meanwhile, men keep their hands in their pockets or try to stand as straight as possible with their chest unconsciously forward when trying to attract a woman.

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