How to overcome anxiousness?

How can a shy guy overcome his anxiousness when it comes to approaching women?

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You have to start with baby steps. You mustn’t worry about what people are doing or thinking. You could go to the mall alone one day and initiate a conversation with every woman you see working there. You don’t have to consider if the woman is beautiful, married or anything else. See it as a practice.

Let her initiate the conversation and when she asks you if she can do anything to help you, you can tell her that you would like for joy, peace and a rich girlfriend. Does she have any? Make sure to keep a straight face when you do it, just like a comedian.

You have to do this as much as you can and at the end, think about what you’ve learned, about what worked and what didn’t, and also think about the whole conversation that started after you’ve said that phrase.

You can also go to a department store and spray some different cologne on each wrist. After doing that, go into as many stores as you can. Ask the sales lady which one she like best. When she chooses one, shake your head, look at her with a disapproving look and ask her if she is sure, after which smile at her and ask why she chose that because you want to be a chick magnet so she should tell you what she’s thinking about that cologne.

This will be the starting point for you to overcome your shyness and that anxious feeling that you have when trying to approach a woman. Remember, if you think that one of the women working in a shop is cute, you can always say that you have to go, and ask for her e-mail.

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