How to politely reject someone online

How to politely reject someone online


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Online dating has the advantage of providing a wide range of potential partners, ones which you might never be able to meet in the day-to-day life. Still, this bonus has a big down-size which is the need for filtering so many people in order to find someone suitable for you.

What makes the respective person mismatch your preferences? Are they younger than you wish them to be? Perhaps they live too far away… However, you should pick one characteristic from their profile when rejecting someone. You could try something such as “Thank you for sending me such a nice message. You seem to be a really beautiful person, but I am looking for someone who lives closer to my hometown. Good luck!”  

You don’t have to feel guilty about having to reject someone. Still, rejecting a date just out of fear of the unknown is not a good option since online dating is all about new experiences. Think about giving a chance to some people, even if they seem like they are not your type. You never know what you will discover about them and just that thing could make you fall in love. 

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