How to screen women’s profiles

How to screen women’s profiles


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In the online dating world screening means that you look for the women whom you wouldn’t want to date. Screening is somewhat of an art and learning it is valuable to men, chances are that you’re on this dating site because you don’t have time or because you have trouble in finding your soul mate. Here are a few tips that can help you save some time by cutting out most of the women you don’t desire.

1.       Thorough profile

When a woman is serious about finding true love then she will put a lot of time and effort into creating a good online dating profile. Her profile would have to clearly state who she is and if it’s half filled out then she didn’t take the time because she’s not committed to finding love.

2.       Honesty

A woman who will answer profile questions with half-answers might indicate that she is not entirely truthful, and this may lead you to think that she is going to be dishonest in a relationship too.

3.       How serious is she?

You need to keep in mind that some people on online dating sites create profiles just because they were dared to do so, or pressured by friends and family. Try to figure out what a woman’s real intentions are by seeing how serious she is about her profile.

Screening women’s profiles takes you a few steps closer to finding the perfect partner, so why not take the time to make sure that you make the right decisions?

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