How to start dating again

How to start dating again


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It has been months or even more since you last dated and now you feel like you could never get back in the game and find new women. Get rid of all this negativity and think about what you can do to change the situation you are in.

After all this time, you may have lost your charm (or at least that’s what you think) and women are no longer interested in you. Finding the best strategy to pick up women is the only solution you can come up with. The problem is that many guys think it’s a good idea to drink something before and then pick up a drunken girl from a bar or club, hoping that she will be as pretty as they saw it under the effect of alcohol. If you are considering doing the same, you should think twice. Is this the best way to meet your future girlfriend? Will picking up a drunken girl restore your confidence?

Truth is, the only weapon that can help you is your self-confidence. Women like strong men who know how to get what they want, so just go out there and don’t be afraid to approach women. You will notice that only practice makes perfect, and, in time, you will develop your own strategy of successfully approaching women.

You need to become a positive and social person again. Live life with joy and happiness, be optimistic and you will trigger the same reaction from the people you meet. Being social and talking to everyone in a relaxed way, smiling at them the whole time, will get you noticed. At first you can flirt with women you are not attracted to so that you can get used to socializing with strangers and improve your technique.

Now that you know what you should improve about yourself, you may be wondering where you can meet new people. The easiest way to do it and at the same time to be comfortable enough to initiate conversation with women should be the places where you are used going to. A coffee shop or a supermarket is a good departing point, since you are on familiar field. The next thing you need to do is to find an excuse to start talking to a woman. In case she drops something you can help her and also make a funny comment or you can complain together about how long the line is and then gradually change the subject.

Remember, you don’t need to talk for hours in order to get her number; a brief conversation will also raise her interest; maybe even more. Just tell her that it was a pleasure talking to her and you would like to take her out sometime. The trick is to be confident and make it casual, so that she does not feel pressured or awkward to give her number to a stranger.

The bottom line is, no matter how long it has been since you’ve last dated, you will still be successful with women if you know how to approach them. They will always react positively to a confident man who does not use embarrassing pick-up lines.

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