How to start interacting online

How to start interacting online


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You have a good profile on a good online dating site and you are prepared to meet potential partners. Still, since you are so new to the dating scene, perhaps you should learn how to meet and greet in the online world.

Here you have some ideas on what is acceptable to say and what you shouldn’t say at a first interaction with a potential partner.

Decent meet and greets:

-          “I read your profile and I realized that your favorite author is Paulo Coelho. I absolutely adored “The Alchemist”. What else have you read by him?”

-          “Hey! I noticed that you were born in the same town I was raised. Do you still go back there from time to time? For me it’s always a pleasure to get back and fall in love again with the local sights.”

-          “Thank you for the nice message, but I would like to date someone a little bit older. Good luck on finding your love.”

-          “It looks like we are a little bit far and sadly, I would like to date someone closer to me. Thanks anyway for the lovely message.”

-          “Maria, it’s so nice to meet you! How was your day?”

-          “If you could pick your ideal date, would it include a nice dinner at a fancy restaurant or a calm walk near the seashore?”

Improper meet and greets:

-          “I find you very attractive. Feel like chatting?”

-          “Um… are you a dancer? Because your body rocks!”

-          “Thank you, but no thank you.”

-          “I’m away in Vegas for a massive party so perhaps I will text you next week.”

-          “I know we just met, but wouldn’t you want a drink with me tonight?”

-          “How you doin’?”

-          “You seem perfect for my friend. Should I hook you up with him?”

-          “My mother called me to dinner. Can we get back later?”

-          “Is it a problem for you is if date other girls in the mean-time?”

Even if you want to reject someone, you have to be careful with the words. It’s not a good idea to make a bad impression even if in front of uninteresting people. If you really want to find a partner then do your research, make compliments and use proper grammar. 

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