How to stop driving your girlfriend crazy

How to stop driving your girlfriend crazy


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Even if your girlfriend says that she loves you a lot, there are some things you do that drive her crazy. Read here what exactly you do that makes her want to breathe fire and improve your relationship by changing these little habits.

1.       Communication

Men generally avoid having the meaningful talks that women need to have in the worst times, like when your game starts. If she wants to have an important discussion with you and you want to watch your game, just ask her nicely to have the conversation during the commercials or after it ends. Just let her know that you understand that it’s important and that you want to give her your full attention. You have to show her that you’re ready to make a little compromise for her happiness.  

You need to make sure that you don’t shut her down and that you keep your word. No matter what harsh subject she wants to discuss, listen to her, don’t interrupt her and when she’s done, come up with possible solutions, if you have any. She will appreciate your gesture and she will love the fact that you pay so much attention to her.

2.       Cleaning up after yourself

Girlfriends generally enjoy doing things for you, like washing your clothes, but there is a fine line between her kindness and her resentment if you don’t chip in at least once in a while. It’s easy to get used with her doing all the house work, but you end up taking advantage of her. She just wants to make your life a little easier therefore you could lend a hand when you have some spare time. In this way, she won’t feel used or like a house maid.

Wash the dishes or help her put them away, wipe the counter, let the toilet seat down, and so on. These little things that you do count and they will let her know that you care about her efforts and about her needs. In the same time it shows her that you respect her and her space (if you spend more time at her place).

3.       Decisions

It’s a well-known fact that at the beginning of any relationship men do the most planning for the dates, but as the relationship starts to develop and progress, men tend to get lazy and let her do all the planning. It’s true that two people are involved in a relationship and that the both of you should take turns when you plan dates, but if you end up letting her make every dating decision, you can be sure that she will start to resent you for it. How else do you expect to make her feel special if you don’t plan something nice for her once in a while? Even if it’s dinner at a restaurant, she will surely enjoy it.

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