How to tell if a woman is single

How can I tell if the woman I’m interested in, has a boyfriend?

Question from: Adam

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LetsBond answers: 

It’s a great question for two reasons:

1. It’s something that you need to know before anything else.

2. This apparently simple question stops many men, a hundred times a day, from talking to women.

The truth is that men would always pick a single woman instead of a ‘taken’ one. It’s easier to date a single woman and it brings less trouble.

It’s not really a pleasant thing to fancy a woman and be in doubt if you should talk to her or not. She might have a boyfriend therefore she might reject you instantly. But if she’s not rejecting you and you date her and her boyfriend finds out about this, you’re doomed.

It happened to me many times to see a very attractive lady but to decide not to make any move just because she might have a boyfriend or a husband. Just like this, I destroyed my chances to happiness.

However, one day I realized that you could never tell just by looking at a woman if she’s ‘taken’ or not.

Therefore, the only reasonable thing to do was to approach every woman that I had an interest in without thinking if they are available or not. Women who were taken were making me understand this from the very first lines so I could back off properly, knowing that there is no room for me. But most of the times I had the luck of meeting single women.

Who knows if she is taken or not? Only you can find out by approaching her. 

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