How to text to seal the deal

How to text to seal the deal


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Getting her number doesn’t ensure you a date but how you proceed in the follow-up will determine her response. These are some options you have for communicating during follow-up and the advantages and dangers that these imply.

Text game

This is the easiest game that you can play and if you follow these rules, you should notice a great difference right away. Pay attention:

1. Use only one question mark per message.

2. Your message should be shorter than hers.

3. Be strategic: send her the message, put the phone down and then go do something else.

4. If she texts back, take time before texting back. Take at least as long as she did to reply.

5. When you text, leave it as a draft a while and then go back and read it again to make sure it is not embarrassing.

6. If she asks more than one question, do not answer them all.

7. The best time to text her back is when you are busy or doing something else so that you wouldn’t leave her the impression that you put too much thought into what you have written. It should look like you just managed to make time to nonchalantly answer to her text.

8. Don’t use ‘xoxo’’s and smiley faces, even if she does.

9. Don’t ever send two text messages within 48 hours if she hadn’t replied.

10. If she doesn’t reply, send her another text after at least 5 days.

11. Don’t set a date from the first text. This is usually instant death.

Phone game

There are guys who prefer talking on the phone instead of texting. This is harder but if you call her right after she gave you her number and she answers enthusiastically, then you can set a date pretty easily. If you call and she is not so enthusiastic, try to be as interesting as possible to catch her attention.

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