How to treat every day like itís Friday

How to treat every day like itís Friday


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Friday is always a good day, we take long showers, tend to our skin and make sure that every hair is in its place; we put on our perfumes, colognes and our lucky shirts or pants, color coordinating everything and being as fashionable as possible. We look in the mirror and practice some poses, smiles and glances, being finally ready to win over that beautiful woman. And we are very determined to do it.

We start to think if this whole idea of going out Friday night is the best way to meet women with whom we can have a meaningful relationship, taking into consideration that we usually find women, but not the ones that we want. We need to keep in mind that we can find women anywhere and at any time, being more of them than us. This should encourage us to treat every day of the week as it were Friday.

Is Friday really the best time to go out and meet women?

Well, Friday is one of the most challenging days of the week in which you can search for someone special. You know that everyone goes out with the same purpose as you:  to find a man/woman and this can make it harder for you.

When you go out on Friday, you see girls, in a pack, putting their defenses up because they believe that every guy is after them. This is also why to some women you might seem desperate even though you are not but, there also is no point in pursuing a girl who doesn’t represent a challenge.

Women tend to go out with only the best intentions but tend to shoot you down at first and think about whether or not you are a nice guy, later. This in turn leaves you ending up with desperate and frustrated women who decided that night that they’ll have the first guy that comes along, and it generally doesn’t work out because they regret it, because they were too easy, or because they put the blame on you.

So, it’s practically impossible for men and even women to judge the opposite sex realistically on a regular Friday night.

What to do for the rest of the week?

You need to focus your energy in maintaining the Friday mood throughout the week, but be realistic about the women you meet, be more relaxed and confident and your success is almost inevitable.

Relationships and dates are a natural part of your life, but the bar scene pickups are the furthest thing from natural. Everywhere you go you have a chance to meet a woman no matter if it’s at school, at work, at the coffee shop or at the grocery store. You are more likely to be seen as a regular guy and not a potentially dangerous one. Your pickup techniques will be better seen, your charm will be real and the chats you have with a woman will be more pleasant outside the club scene; you just need to be yourself.

Try waking up earlier

We generally try to concentrate on the task at hand, on a regular Friday when we make an effort to spot a potential girlfriend, but what keeps us from doing so for the rest of the week? How can you manage to use this kind of approach on a daily basis?

Here is one simple idea: try setting your alarm one minute earlier. It will help you in a number of ways. You open your eyes in the morning and see that it’s 6:59 displayed on your clock and you will know then and there, that you might meet someone special today. It will be the first thing on your mind when you get out of bed. It will leave you one extra minute in the morning to make yourself look presentable, as if getting ready for a Friday night. It doesn’t matter what you do for the rest of the day as long as you keep thinking of this. You will smile to your female co-workers and even talk to them, keeping in mind the possibilities that the Friday and Saturday night bring you. Even on a Sunday you can have a great potential date during brunch, at a coffee shop or a sports bar. Just tap into these possibilities for the rest of your life.

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