How to use social media to meet women

How to use social media to meet women


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Social media has become a must in today’s society. It gives people all the necessary tools for interaction. You can meet and connect with anyone, whether they are in your hometown or on another continent. We tend to spend hours checking out people’s profiles and our news feeds, posting photos, adding check-in’s and so on.

We tend to check out the profiles of cute girls, and especially of those we don’t know. We need to turn this unproductive habit into one that will help us meet these girls and even ask them out on dates.

Start with your social circle

It’s actually really easy to meet girls on Facebook and Twitter, especially total strangers, but I recommend you to meet the ones that are closer to you. The easiest way to do this is to go through your friends list, find an attractive girl, actually not only through yours. You can find attractive girls in anyone’s friend list. It’s even simpler to just find the girl in your social circle that you find the most attractive and go through her list of friends. You can imagine that an attractive girl will have attractive friends as well.

There is a flaw in this plan, and that is, when you message one of these attractive girls, she is likely to ask your common friend about you. So this situation can go smooth, you need to pick a girl who is a good friend of yours or someone who has at least a good impression of you, someone you don’t know at all or someone you forgot how you met on a social network.

It’s logic that if you want to find somebody in this manner, you need to select only the people who have a good impression about you, because if you don’t and you choose someone who has a bad impression you won’t get to talk to the girl.

The bond

You have two options when trying to connect with a girl: you either send her a friend request without any message or you just send her a message.

If you decide on the first option you need to enter her social media life by liking her posts, photos, but not too much, after a week start commenting on some of her posts and eventually message her.

Sending her a message right from the start is a courageous move and it might get you the desired results much faster than just adding her as a friend, but also can go right the other way. She won’t reply to your message or she will tell you off.

You can tell her that you think she is attractive and would like to get to know her or go for a cup of coffee sometimes. You can also try to lie and ask her something related to meeting her before in some bar/club, she will know that it’s not true and will either play along to it, prove you wrong, or ignore you.

Well, now that you started messaging with her you get to know her and see if she is your type or not. 

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