How to write an online dating profile for seniors

How to write an online dating profile for seniors


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Here are six rules for a good online dating profile:

  1. Never use outdated photos, no matter how good you used to look.
  2. Find a photographer to take your photo and be proud of your age!
  3. Be positive, don’t talk about your ex, don’t act desperate, and don’t portray yourself as being angry on the opposite sex. These attitudes aren’t appreciated and people who show them on online dating sites generally don’t get to have dates.
  4. Always be positive and cheerful, even in the tone you use, write about the things you care about in detail.
  5. Be realistic when it comes to the criteria regarding your potential matches
  6. Use good grammar and once in a while run a spell check.

A few mistakes

Everyone on online dating sites seem like positive and happy people, but they tend to use the wrong words in their profile descriptions like “easygoing” which is obviously spelled incorrect. It’s “easy going”.

Replacing the words on your profile with photos at the insistence of a professional photographer is not a good idea.

Stop bragging about all the hours you spend at the gym or how many marathons you have participated in, because you’re practically replacing important info about yourself with plain boring facts which are easily forgotten.

People are afraid of ending up alone so they avoid using these words because they are considered negative.


You manage to get the attention of other people through the stories you tell. So your profile should have the structure of a short-story with a beginning part, a middle one and an ending.

The best tactic you can apply is to leave your profile readers hanging so they must contact you to hear the end of the story.

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