How to write your first e-mail

How to write your first e-mail


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Time has come to learn how to approach a woman for the first time via electronic mail. You may have met this woman for the first time on the internet or even in real life, but nevertheless, you have to know how to write her your first e-mail.

If you met her on an online dating website and you are wondering how to approach her and also be successful, the answer is you have to be witty. She was probably also contacted by other men, so ask yourself how can you be any different? Try to be funny and ask her something like: “Hey, I’ve seen there are many women desperate for finding a partner, so I was thinking: What about this desperate girl? Is she as nice on the inside as she is on the outside?” Using this kind of phrase will make you look funny, but you will also compliment her so don’t hesitate to be confident and charming, many men lack this kind of attitude.

It is commonly thought among men that women are only looking for money and if you are not financially successful, she will not pay you any attention. It is true, there are women looking only for wealthy men, but this is the exception. In most cases, personality is what determines a woman to date a man. Once you know what to do to make her feel attracted to you, nothing else matters. It is the first impression that counts most, so take advantage of your great personality and amaze her.

Before getting disappointed because you got rejected once or twice, you should know that even handsome and wealthy men get rejected every once in a while. Being rich, does not necessarily make you a great catch. In the game of dating it is all about attitude and charm. Once she feels drawn to you, all the other material details fade away since she wants to know more about who you ARE and not what you own. I have heard many times about men bragging about their cars and bank accounts, but in the end did not manage to get themselves a date. So be confident and show her what a great guy you are and it will definitely pay off.

In case you met this woman in real life, in a coffee shop or at your work place, you can start by involving her in a short conversation, as common as you like. Be relaxed and in the end ask her if he has an e-mail address. Most people do, and when she starts writing it down tell her to also write her number. It is as easy as that.

Once you have her e-mail address, write her a brief message, telling her you were pleased to meet her and that you would like to see her again. You can invite her somewhere more casual in the beginning, like having a cup of tea. This way she will not feel pressured in any way, so she is more likely to respond to your invitation. Don’t be nervous and don’t worry you might be rejected. Even if you do, you will learn what you can improve about your picking up skills next time you want to date a woman.

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