How you should give her the first kiss

How you should give her the first kiss


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So you spent a lovely evening near her, you had fun, you had intense moments and now it’s the end of the date. As expected, here comes the moment for that decisive and closing-the-deal kiss. You might be anxious about it since one single kiss is said to represent what kind of lover you are.

You have to remember that women are highly sensitive and appreciate foreplay. Think about the first kiss as a proof of your attraction and desire. She will think about that kiss as a complete foreplay. Women are highly sensitive sexually and that’s why you have to take it step by step. When you first date a woman, give her all the attention she needs but in small and rare amounts which will only make her want more. The first kiss shouldn’t be complete. You should kiss her gently on the lips and step away telling her that you’re a gentleman and that you should go now. Still, before anything else, you should close the deal by setting a next date. Pick something the two of you love to do.

When you’re at the second date with her, make her think only about that kiss. Remember that women love tension. A little bit of sexual tension will work wonders when the two of you get fully physically intimate. Act like a real gentlemen, don’t kiss her as soon as the two of you meet again even if that is what she expects. Let her crave and get impatient for that kiss. Open the door for her, pull her chair and act as if she is a princess. Eventually, you can hold her hand for a short period of time and then after another couple of minutes you could kiss her lips softly. The complete kiss, the passionate and liberating one should be given only when the second date it’s over. You can kiss her right outside the dating spot, in the car or when you walk her home. The thing is that you have to make sure that she will fall asleep fantasizing about that kiss. Women love such acts even if it teases them.

Tease her until she almost can’t stand anymore the desire of you near her, touching her skin and lips.

The first kiss is only one step out of a stairway to heaven. 

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