Improve your online dating profile

Improve your online dating profile


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What if someone told you that you can find your soul mate in the online dating world if you work on your profile 1h/day for two months? Would you say yes to such a challenge?

You’ve been single for a while now anyway. Two months of dedication could bring you that long wanted person.

Here you have 4 tips on how to attract the woman of your dreams in the online dating world.

1. Get rid of the silly rules

If you include in your profile description all those silly rules which establish what women can or can’t contact you, you have already failed. Doing so shows a bad attitude. Even if you state in your profile description that people shouldn’t use your profile pictures, it’s still unacceptable. It’s common sense that nobody wants their pictures spread all over the Internet under fake names, so there is no reason to write such a thing in your profile. Also, if you go even further and explain with details which type of women shouldn’t contact you, you are mistaken here, too. Doing so you will give the impression that you are either full of failed romantic experiences or that you are plain misogynistic.

2. Sex is not a subject

Keep in mind, you have to be respectful. You are among women who search for true love, not adult entertainment. If you brag about being sexy any visitor on your site will surely move on to the next profile, since such an attitude reveals a narcissistic and self-involved character, which few or no one loves. If you are looking for a serious relationship stay away from the online erotic chat.

3. Extreme adjectives and clichés

Beach walks, sunsets and holding hands. Yes, we all know that you love these, everybody does. Good for you that you can go from rusty jeans to an exquisite tuxedo, it’s kind of normal to have this ability.

The main idea is that you should avoid writing in your profile description common and normal things which make you dull and uninteresting.

4. Change you photos and your username

Even the most beautiful and interesting screen names can become dull and unattractive. So in case you’ve been missing for a while from the online dating scene, a nice change of username and profile picture is welcomed. It’s like you are starting up fresh again. 

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