Improve your relationship

Improve your relationship


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Life after marriage can become boring due to repetitive activities and dull moments. In order to keep a marriage alive, both partners have to act as a couple and fight for their happiness.

It’s not everything about sex. Of course, an exciting and healthy sex life is a must for a happy marriage, but there are other things that can get done for a great marriage.

Here you have some tips on how to revive you marriage.

1. Classic Flowers

There is no need for a special occasion to send your wife a beautiful bouquet of flowers. Pick some flowers and send them over at her work place with a little note saying “Meet me at the corner coffee shop for lunch.” She will be smiling the rest of the day waiting impatiently to meet you.

2. Sensual lingerie

It’s recommended to fire up the passion if it is needed. You can easily make her feel sexy and wanted when you buy her fine lingerie which will put her body in a good light. Even if she is a little unsure about the way she looks lately, you can easily solve that by telling her in advance that she is sexy and showing her that you are attracted by her body features.

3. Renewing your vows

Do you remember how the two of you felt right after getting married? You practically couldn’t take your hands off each other. For many couples the idea of renewing their vows seems to work great. Try that and see what happens. Consider it like a refresh and a short travel back in time.

4. Spontaneity

Everything that breaks a marriage’s routine is welcomed. Of course, it has to be a good break, one which will surprise your wife and make her throw herself at you. Buy a ticket to Hawaii or Egypt without telling her anything. Just plan your work schedule in such way that you can make it possible. Still, surprise her with this vacation a little bit in advance. You wouldn’t want her to be unable to take time off from work. You will be rewarded, for sure.

5. Memories

A really happy marriage is one which has many good memories.

It’s a nice idea to make a special photo album and just choose one night to spend with your wife looking over at some good old memories. Eventually, you will melt her heart with the first birthday card she wrote to you a few years ago.

There are many ways in which you can revive your marriage and bring the passion back. Just be inventive and thoughtful. 

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