Initiating the online conversation

Initiating the online conversation


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Having to strike up a conversation in the online medium is similar to talking in person, perhaps even easier from certain points of view. It’s easier because generally, when talking to someone online, you find yourself in your own home, relaxed and feeling comfortable.

In order to make things more fun when trying to strike up a conversation online, you could play a little with the common expressions and words. Instead of “Hi, how are you?” say, “Hello! Have you had a good day today? Did you do anything fun?” Try and make her reply to you with more than two-three words. And make sure you answer with enough details, but not too many.

You have to present yourself as an interesting person, with lots of interests, hobbies and activities. Therefore, answers like “Fine.”, “Nothing.” or “Not much” will not impress her as you would have more optimistic and interesting answers. Talk to her about the car that almost hit you this morning or about the movie you plan on seeing with your friends. Talk about anything that she might pick up on and build together a conversation.

Also, you can deviate a little from what she casually mentions. Let’s say she is telling you she drove to the grocery store and bought something for a nice salad. You could ask about her favorite car brand or if she is a vegetarian.

It’s recommended to avoid giving simple and straight lines which can’t be developed into a bigger conversation, such as “Hello, beautiful.” Instead, you could say that you never know how to approach a beautiful woman like her or that her smile reminds you of a certain beautiful actress. Just say something vague enough and with a pertinent message. If she is interested in you, the conversation will flow naturally.

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