Intimidated by approaching women online?

Intimidated by approaching women online?


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There are men who believe that if they join an online dating site, they can avoid the intimidation of a personal confrontation with a woman. But you should also know how not to ruin your chances with a woman you like because you’re afraid of failure.

I suggest you to start talking with some women that you are not really attracted to in order to make some friends before approaching the one you are truly attracted to. Do not lie to the girls with whom you are talking to and do not lead them along a romantic idea if you are not interested, but try to meet as many women as you can. It is ok to keep it nice and short.

You will be able to have a lot of fun with some of these girls and that will make you feel more comfortable around women and will offer you more insights into how to interact with women online. You can also visit some chat rooms where there are several visitors and just watch their conversations, but, as stated before, mostly try some private conversations where you can talk back and forth in a friendly manner.

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