Is boredom part of your relationship

Is boredom part of your relationship?


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Can you remember when you used to laugh out loud while watching your favourite series with your girlfriend or when going shopping for groceries became a real treasure hunt for both of you? You may be wondering what happened to those days…routine happened, which is quite normal in a relationship, but to keep it going you need to spice things up a bit.

Try having fun

Everything used to be fun fun fun and you used to paint the town pink! Your lady even used to receive small, but precious attentions from you and everything was heaven. Now, things have changed, maybe you two have changed as well, but again, this is normal. Or if you used to bring breakfast in bread for her and surprise her by picking her up and taking her somewhere nice spontaneously, but now just enjoy two burritos on your way to work, something happened and made you stop from going the extra mile for your girlfriend.

The way to boredom

There is a reason why your relationship becomes boring and routine starts to ruin it for you. We will present below some points that might help you in finding these reasons, which although not that bad, can still affect a perfectly good relationship:

You became lazy

After a certain amount of time spent with courting and dating her, you find yourself no longer eager to try new things or take her to new places for a new amount of excitement. You start to like hanging out at home, giving your dog a bath, while she is doing her nails in the other room. And although laziness itself does not literally ruin a relationship, if she does the same, it might be a problem.

You get used to each other

This is also normal in a relationship, but she might perceive it as ignorance from you. You are making a huge mistake if you think that she will always be there, because there are no guarantees for that. Return to your previous appreciation stage, where you used to buy her flowers, surprise her with a card, take her out to a fancy restaurant or kiss her for no reason, go that extra miles again so she knows she is still the centre of your universe.

You both became a bored

You know that during the first dates, she was taking all your attention, you didn’t actually notice the food, the décor in the restaurant, the music, you were pretty much stuck on her and stared into her eyes continuously, but when you start noticing the other things, it means that you need a drastic change.

Activity routine

Your going out with her becomes a regular in your personal agenda you have pizza Tuesdays, movie on Thursdays, etc. and you start to do these activities as an obligation, so you no longer feel eager about sharing experiences with your woman. Maybe it’s because you got stuck on certain ideas, and getting comfortable with this, you don’t even try finding new ones anymore. A solution to this problem would be to turn every date with her in a game, where you take turns in making plans and suggesting new activities.

Some other reasons that may cause boredom in your relationship is that money has become an issue, when, from time to time, you should take her out on a fancy date, even if it’s going to be a bit more expensive, she deserves it; no more foreplay, you don’t kiss each other so often anymore, lack of communication, etc. There is a solution for everything, so you should try improving the relationship by going on dates more often, being spontaneous, change your look, try going to the gym together or take a class together, something that will bring you closer and the last but not the least, you can even take some hobbies separately so you don’t see each other 24/7, because this can be a relationship killer.

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