Is it a good idea to describe your physical appearance

Is it a good idea to describe your physical appearance?


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While looks are more important for men than for women, some ladies care a lot about a man’s appearance, too. Every online dating site allows you to upload photos of yourself on your profile and I believe such opportunity shouldn’t be missed.

For example, if you choose to post one or several good pictures of you, women will be more likely to interact with you. Most women ignore the official blank silhouettes, they seem suspicious.

Considering today’s technological possibilities you have no excuse in presenting yourself on an online dating site without any profile picture. You could ask a friend to take an interesting picture of you, doing something cool. Do not make a selfie, in front of a mirror, because that seems lame and women don’t like that.

When you are about to describe yourself avoid giving fake facts. Be true to yourself and talk about your strong points and when you’re about writing about the not so good aspects, try and use a funny tone.

As a golden rule, do not lie about your age, height and weight.

Finally, a real woman will like you for your character and personality, more than for your looks.

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