Is love at first sight a real thing

Is love at first sight a real thing?


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Do you remember that girl that you couldn’t take your eyes off in the bus? It was like Aphrodite among humans. At that moment you believed in love at first sight but only to find out later that all is just a Hollywood induced placebo effect. Plus, you learned it the hard way.

Several soulmates?

There are some romantic guys who are capable of falling in love madly at first sight. The problem with these guys is that they believe so much in the power of love at first contact that they consider each woman they date the “love of their life”.

Now if these men are capable of considering each woman they happen to pass by as the love of their life, it’s not really wrong to say that they misinterpret the meaning of true love at first sight. Actually, what these men experience is something like instant attraction, and nothing more. Some of those girls might actually be mean, jealous or revengeful.

The real deal

Still, if a man gets struck by the presence of a woman just once or twice in his life, it’s more likely that he experiences that “love at first sight” thing. Many bright-minded people agree that love is a volatile feeling which is experienced once or twice, but no more. Finally, love at first sight is a rare event in a man’s life. It’s that moment when you feel instant connection and attraction to one person even without exchanging a single word.

A woman’s love

A woman is more likely to fall in love during a relationship. There are few women who can truly say that they fell in love at first contact. This happens mainly because women tend to be less visually affected than men. A man will get love-struck easier since he is highly sensitive to the aesthetics of a woman. While men are so affected by the first impression, women prefer to get to know a man and develop their feelings afterwards.

The give-away guy

There are men who believe so much in the power of love that they act like they are in love with each woman they date. They give themselves on a silver plate to the next beautiful girl they meet believing that she is the one. They overwhelm her with gifts and attention while some even write them poems and plan extremely romantic dates right from the first week.

If you see yourself as this type of a lover, think twice about the consequences. You are giving away all your romantic energy right from the first dates with a woman. Believing in true love is great, but you’re ruining all your chances by scaring away each potential partner with your undiminished attention and inexplicable love. Keep your powers for when you are sure that she deserves such treatments. 

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