Kissing. 5 signs that she is waiting for you to kiss her

Kissing. 5 signs that she is waiting for you to kiss her


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First date, first kiss, first romantic relationship, first night of love, first step is never to be done.

We are asking ourselves: is it the right moment?

When do we have to take the decisive step?

The unknown scares us.

Relationships are not always simple.

People are complex; they have different states of mind, emotions and experiences.

Many times we guess correctly, other we just screw it up. We miss even though it all seemed ideal.

So we will discuss today about kissing. Not about how to kiss or how many types of kissing there are.

I am talking about the moment of the first kiss.

Your date is coming to an end. The conversation was amazing, the dinner was fantastic.

You want to kiss her good night.

But how do you know which is the perfect moment?

Many men do not manage to recognize the signs sent by the desired woman and they cannot realize when she wants to be kissed.

How do you know that she is ready to be kissed?

I’ll present you some signs for which you should look after.

1. The conversation is getting romantic when…

When you are in a regular conversation and all of a sudden it takes a more intimate turn, due to the fact that in her mind there is a more and more powerful romantic desire, the desire to be kissed. This is what she’s expecting from you.

2. She is looking straight into your eyes, without looking anywhere else.

This is another great sign that she is ready to be kissed. You are talking to her and she starts looking into your eyes more than normal, she is looking at you from top to bottom, keeping her eyes set on you, she looks at your lips while she is talking or drinking something.

At this moment she feels very comfortable in your presence and she already knows that she likes what she is seeing.

3. She is flirting with you and she is sitting very close to you.

 When a woman is entering your private space and she starts touching her hair, playing with it, when she approaches a certain body language, she is inviting you to become more intimate. If she wants you to kiss her, she will do things like: smiling more often and discreetly tries to show more skin (if she is wearing a jacket she will take it off or undo a button from her blouse.).

4. She feels good and safe when you touch her

If you touch her or take away the hair that it’s touching her face and she reacts well (she doesn’t push you away, she doesn’t mop and mow at you), chances are that she is ready to kiss you.

5. She draws attention to her mouth and lips

A woman’s lips are highly seductive, attractive, and there is a high amount of energy in them when she is flirting. If she is talking to you and she starts touching her lips with her finger or she leans towards you, biting her lips, showing them off, she is telling you that she is ready to be kissed. She wants it and your kiss is eagerly expected.

If you see at least three of these signs, she is ready to be kissed.

So all you have to do is kiss her.

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