Kissing on the first date-tacky or unacceptable?

Kissing on the first date-tacky or unacceptable?


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It is told that “A kiss is a lovely trick designed by nature to stop speech when words become superfluous.”, but there are people who believe that a woman who initiates the first kiss is an “easy” woman and a man who does it is “aggressive”, but this is not right. It is completely acceptable to kiss on the first date. What is not acceptable on the first date is intercourse.

When you are going on a date, you are looking for a potential partner and part of that includes emotional connection and intimacy. And what would that mean without the joy of a kiss?

Another saying about kiss states that “If you are even in doubt as to whether to kiss a pretty girl, always give her the benefit of the doubt.” This quotation applies to men who do not know when to kiss a girl on a date. The body language is the key. If she smiles politely and her body is away from yours, she doesn’t want to kiss you but if she smiles from ear-to-ear and keeps touching your shoulder, go for it.

Do not expect a French kiss. Don’t even attempt one. Give her a gentle kiss, holding her face and looking in her eyes, telling her that you’ve had a lovely time and if you tell her you’ll call her, do it. If you do so, you will receive a kiss on the second, third and fourth date too.

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