Love is in the air

Love is in the air


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Summer is the best season; everything becomes brighter, livelier and more attractive, especially women.


Everyone behaves in summer as if it’s their last. Men and women alike prepare vehemently for this season. And since women, during this beautiful season, have such provocative outfits, it’s practically impossible for men to not go out “hunting”. Women go out to enchant men: they go out to see what their options are, as well as letting men see them. Summer offers men the pleasure of admiring all the beautiful women who come out to parade their beautiful bodies whether they are under the sun or at night in clubs.

Since it is so visually appealing for men, most people think that this is highly offensive to women. It’s not their intention. In fact, through this, men offer women a huge self-esteem boost.

The effect

Women are very well aware of the attention they receive when wearing certain items of clothing and they love every single minute of attention that is given to them.

Let’s face it: women don’t dress sexy so they can feel better about themselves. No, women dress in a certain way because even the look on a man’s face and the sheer desire he shows when they walk by in a short dress is enough for their egos to go through the roof.

This is the simplest explanation for all the extravagant clothing that summer brings with it. Just by thinking about this theory, you can figure out why women dress in a certain way when they go to a club or any other place.

This is how it’s supposed to be

Every year it’s the same story, everywhere you go. Women take advantage of every opportunity they get to show themselves off. This allows the high appreciation for beautiful women.

It’s interesting to see how different people react to the temperature change, but this entire lookout for the beauty of a man and a woman doesn’t make people more sexually active.

Through this exposure, women want to make themselves available to men, but only on the surface. And even if they are teasers, men still appreciate their efforts to enchant their view.

Give back some love

Men cling to every dress movement, because they lead them to believe that these women are approachable. Women thus generate a large selection of possible partners. 

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