Maintaining control in a relationship

Maintaining control in a relationship


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There are many people who agree that if a man likes a woman he should buy her anything she desire and needs. Also, the same people believe that in a relationship a man should financially support her at all times.

Ha, this might look extraterrestrial, right? Well, these people really exist and really do as they say. I wonder how every other guy gets to date or have a relationship with a woman. They must all be really wealthy…

Getting back to the real world now, here is what I think about how things generally really work, when it’s about women and dating.

#1. People usually know when they are really wanted. Women especially, can sense in a man the level of desire and easily play with it. Some women even have personalized strategies with which they get a man to buy them everything they need, even before sharing a kiss.

#2. When her price starts to go up, you will lose control over your actions, rapidly. Charmed by a unique beauty and mind, you are willing to share even your clothes with her.

#3. When you start to lose control in front of this destructive and beautiful human being, you can act in two ways: A) You give her even more power. B) You give up. Neither one of these sound like a very good solution.

#4. The best alternative would be to never start giving up control in the first place.

#5. You could avoid letting her be in control by keeping yourself away from all the things that put a woman in the “courting” mode of behaving and thinking.

#6. When you ask a woman to dinner and at the end of the night you pay for everything, she will get the clear message that you court her, therefore you give her complete control.

It’s not a bad thing if you decide to pay for dinner as long as she will do the same next time. All you need to know is that once you show her how desperate you are to keep on dating her, she will guide you as a donkey in her wished direction. If you want to happily date and even develop a relationship, don’t let her doubt that you have control. Even if you give her a little bit of control over the situation, let her understand that you can take it back as easily as you gave it to her. Women will always test and challenge a man to check if they are wussies who will easily let themselves dominated.

Stand up straight and show her that you are a man!

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