Make Her Accept Your Bachelor Party

Make Her Accept Your Bachelor Party


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You already found the love of your life and you are ready to make the big step, but you would also like to have one last night of fun before you get fully committed to your loved one. The question is: how can you get her to accept this one last getaway?

First of all, tell her that your buddies are already planning the bachelor party for you in the name of tradition and this experience will only create a bond between you and your friends. She may not like the idea, but you can explain her that she has nothing to worry about. However, if you know that no matter what you say, she would still not be at ease, it is better not to discuss about it. Simply tell her that everything has already been organized and she will just have to trust you on this one. If you do not make a big deal out of it, neither will she. Treat it as casually as possible; after all it is just one night out with guys.

Before the party, negotiate with your wife-to-be on what you can and cannot do. You can reassure her that there is no need to worry because you have no intention to cheat on her, but never make promises you cannot keep. Do not tell her you will not go to a strip club or get wasted, because you know you will. As a last resort, you can turn to your friends to support you and assure her that they will be there beside you and that nothing inappropriate, that might put your relationship in jeopardy, will happen. If she has a brother, you can invite him as well and thus you will bond with your future brother-in-law. This will also make her feel more at ease about your last adventure as a bachelor.

She might also want to have a party of her own. If this is the case, make sure her party will take place after yours and if it is going to be at least as wild as yours, then you will not have to worry the she might complain.

If you would agree with this kind of arrangement, you can get all your common friends to the party, having no secret to keep. She will feel much more comfortable with the idea that her friends are also there.

Before the party takes place, meet with her to discuss about it. She will appreciate the fact that she is always on your mind even before your bachelor party. You can also tell her about some of the adventures you had with your friends, but do not give her too many details because she might get worried. Just show her you have nothing to hide and that a bachelor party will not make or break your relationship.

Now that she knows what to expect, all you have to do is enjoy your night. Just make sure you look but you don’t touch. It is your last night as a bachelor and you should enjoy it as much as you can, but also make sure you will not do something you might regret the next day.

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