Make yourself noticeable online

Make yourself noticeable online


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Online dating is more and more common and it is very easy to disappear in the crowd. No matter if you are in real life or on an online dating site, these are some tips that might help telling the world who you are without crying out for attention:

1. Tell the world who you are

Although it may seem obvious that you must do that, you have to know that you must talk about your actual self, your hobbies and interests not to say that you like to spend time with your family and going to the beach. You should talk about your hobbies, even if they seem average, you have to remain honest. Say that you like John Mayer if you do and not some other band just to seem counter-culture. In order to date someone you must have something in common and not to spend the entire date thinking about all the lies you’ve put in your profile description. This will not be a good start for a relationship.

2. Just try not to seem crazy

When a girl reads your profile is like a first date, where you tell her the things you want her to hear. You must be funny, charming and the most likeable version of yourself. If you say something like ”Message me only if you have brains behind your looks”, you will look like a nerd who wants to attract only glass-wearing girls and you won’t be finding any pretty ladies throwing themselves at you. Also, do not say in your online profile description that you have resorted to online dating because you’ve just ended a long-term relationship. You will make women run away when seeing the “recently dumped” words.

3. Look through other guys' profiles

Don’t start reading every profile that you can find, but scope out some other guy profiles, what they are writing and how would you react to their profile if you were a woman. Women are not reacting too well to six pack pictures since their inbox is filled with them and those lyrics that you thought would make you look sensitive, are so common that women don’t even notice them anymore. Pay attention to other men’s profiles and avoid clichés if you want to be noticeable online.

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