Meeting women at common places and night clubs

Meeting women at common places and night clubs


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Meeting women at common places

It’s easy to find women in common settings such as food markets where you can meet at least 20 women during a visit and at least 5 of them are hot. How you find them is the tricky part.

You have to go look for them. You should go to your local mall at least three different times over the next week. The best days you could try finding women are Mondays and Sundays around 4 pm and any other weekday as long as it’s in the evening. You can also try other common places such as shopping areas which are usually busier on Friday and Saturday evenings.

What you should know is that even if in the weekday afternoons the shopping malls are not as busy as in the weekend when they are filled with beautiful women. Find the places where the most beautiful women are and go catch their attention.

Meeting women at nightclubs

Meeting a woman at a nightclub is easy as every weekend nightclubs are filled with hot-looking women acting out a paradox.  Despite the fact that they are dressed up in sexy clothes, they are acting like they do not want men to talk to them.

Beautiful women are used to being hit on at clubs and most of them are drunk, dumb, have lame pick-up lines or they are exactly the opposite: wussies. First of all, when hitting on a beautiful woman in a nightclub, you must have a plan.

Don’t be a wussy in front of women in nightclubs, keep your composure and act like nothing matters to you. You will probably get some resistance from most women and this will be your biggest test: to keep talking to a woman who isn’t overly friendly.

You will meet women who will be completely cold and uninterested and you will have to move on. When trying to meet a woman in the club you must be selective. There are plenty of other attractive women to choose from. If she seems only a bit resistant you should still keep entertaining the conversation. After 5-10 minutes she might open up to you. Then, be cocky and funny, just like you are friends and you will definitely get what you want.

You can also go out with a friend and approach women for each other. Never worry about what might happen. Go over and talk to every woman you see.

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