Meeting women on the Internet

Meeting women on the Internet


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It is very common when you meet women online that they are reluctant to meeting you too soon. They would tell you that it is better for you to know each other better before going out on a date. Treat this issue in a funny and relaxed way. You can ask her for a coffee for half an hour and tell her she may leave if she thinks you’re a creep. This is both funny and releases any pressure she might feel when thinking about meeting you.

If you want a serious relationship all you need to know is not to be needy and desperate. Don’t cling to any woman, just play hard to get, exactly like they do when a man is really interested in them. If you do this, they will be seeking for your attention and instead of you looking for a relationship, they will be the ones contacting you for this purpose.

Once you get to meet her face to face, always remember to make eye contact with confidence. She wants to see a man who dares to look into her eyes when he’s talking to her. Women easily detect weakness, so don’t be nervous and approach her with confidence. Look into her eyes until she looks away, but never stare too much; it will make her uncomfortable.

Sometimes it might happen to you that once you meet a woman and ask her for her number, she will first ask you to give her yours. Never get fooled by that. It’s a test which you don’t want to fail. Just tell her to write down her phone number or say “Nevermind”. In the latter case, she will not accept your loss of interest and will give you lots of hints on how she would like to see you again. She does not want to be the loser in this equation, so a long as you play it cool and hard to get, she will do the entire job.

What you always need to remember when dating women on the Internet is that they are always looking for the exception. Nobody wants to go out with a boring guy who has nothing special. Therefore, when creating your personal profile, make sure you describe yourself in the most original terms you can find. Furthermore, when initiating contact with a woman, never act desperate and needy; be the man you always wanted to be and make her feel lucky she had the chance to talk to you.

Online dating is the perfect environment for you to improve your dating skills since the pressure of talking face to face does not exist. However, there will come a time when you will have to meet her outside the virtual world. Trust in yourself and show her you are the kind of man she wants.

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