Men fall in love at first sight faster than women do

Men fall in love at first sight faster than women do


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Perhaps they don’t always remember about anniversaries and they aren’t such great gift pickers on Valentine’s Day or Woman’s Day, but one thing is certain: men ooze romance and apart from women, they fall in love at first sight faster than women do. 

Forget about that myth which says that men have no connection whatsoever with romance. According to an online study, we got the proof that men are more romantic than women and that they are falling in love at first sight faster, too. A team of sociologists and American professors wanted to find out the truth hidden behind a couple’s relationship and destroy sex related myths. These specialists initiated an online study consisting in nothing less than 1300 questions about romance, couple life, sex and appealing physical traits.
So far, 10,000 individuals from around the world took this survey and the study still goes on.

Love at first sight for most men

48% of the men who took the survey said that they fell in love at first sight. By comparison, only 28% of the women admitted that they fell in love at first sight without turning back. This means that men are bigger romantics than we used to believe.

Related to long term relationships, 74% of the individuals admitted to be happy with their partners and 66% of them believe they are having a relationship with their soul mate. Sexual interactions outside the relationship are not considered as amorous adventures. Within the survey participants, there were only a few who admitted having sex outside the long term relationship. A quarter of the participating men and 19% of the women had the courage to confess their infidelity, but in the same time specified that as long as sexual interactions outside the relationship have no emotional involvement, you can’t talk about an adventure.

Faulty communication between partners, the main cause of break-ups

The majority of participants of this survey believe that the main cause of break-ups is a faulty communication between partners.

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