Men with guitar skills get more attention online

Men with guitar skills get more attention online


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Is it really so easy to get a woman’s attention just by showing off musical skills? There are studies which support this myth, discovering that men who are holding a guitar in their hands in an online profile picture are more likely to have their friend request accepted and to receive feedback from women to whom they have sent messages.

This study consisted in creating two almost identical online dating profiles, of the same man, but with a little important difference. One profile had a profile picture of the man holding a guitar like he was in the middle of a song and the other profile had the profile picture of the same man, in the same position, but without holding the guitar. If you are wondering about the results, you have to know that 40 out of 50 women responded positively to the friendship request of the profile with the man holding a guitar. On the other hand, only 14 out of 50 women accepted the friend request of the profile with a simple man, showing no guitar skills. Plus, in order to determine precisely if women have more interest in guys with a guitar in their hands, both profiles sent to all women in question (100) the exact same message: “Hi! You have a beautiful profile picture!”.

The conclusion of the study is that men are more likely to get a woman’s attention in the online dating world, if they post as their online dating profile picture, one in which they show off musical skills. 

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