Mobile dating in the game of love finding

Mobile dating in the game of love finding


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Mobile phones developed into smart phones, so when more and more people started to go online dating on their “ever close” mobile phones, the change became viral. Now, instead of sitting in front of the laptop and drinking tea while checking interesting dating profiles, fans of online dating check their online dating sites on the mobile phones constantly and often in a hurry.

A research found out the more than 14 million singles use mobile dating applications, an industry targeted to reach 2,3 billion dollars until 2016.

More and more online dating sites create mobile apps transforming online dating in the utmost facile method of meeting new people anytime and anywhere.

There are two new apps which gain popularity lately: Tinder and Let’s Date. Both of these dating apps target singles in their 20’s. Let’s talk a little about them.


Tinder is highly appreciated because is a geo-location mobile dating app. Some even see it as an greatly addictive mobile game in the idea of speed-dating.

The application begins with baseball card-style photos of many users located near you. Depending on whether you like or dislike the photos you see, you can choose the green heart which will “like” and connect you with that user’s dating profile or, you can click on the red X which will delete the picture you see and move on to the next profile.

Still, if you find these methods too practical, you can always click on the “I” (info button), which will lead you to the user’s profile where you will find more about that person and his/her location around you.

Signing up is easy, through your Facebook profile, there is a trick here, which will allow you to see if the two of you have mutual friends or not.

Let’s Date

Is a fun mobile application which shows you singles whom you might like depending on your interests and profile.

Users can choose the “Let’s date” option at which you can respond with “Let’s Date” or “No, thanks” in which case you move on to a new profile and face.

Is mobile dating for hooking up only, or can it be as serious as developing a long-term relationship?

Mobile dating usually revolves around the appearance of the user. You, as an owner of an online dating profile on a mobile dating app, will usually pick a potential date by her looks and proximity. So, it is a little superficial, if you ask me.

Of course, mobile dating apps are great for keeping a relationship alive after you met a person or, you might have a crush on someone in real life and you find courage to talk to on the mobile dating app.

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