More about men dating in their 30s

More about men dating in their 30s


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You have reached your 30’s and you have enough experience to realize you are no longer interested in temporary relationships and one-night-stands. But is this a turn-off when it comes to meeting new women?

It’s true that as you get older it’s harder to meet women and this is normal, but what you should know is that pretending to be something you are not will not be rewarding. You might impress a girl you like, but when she will realize you are not the kind of man you seemed to be she will be disappointed. The thing is, you don’t have to compromise when you are looking for a woman to have a serious relationship with. Never settle with less than you deserve and be honest about it. After all, it’s your future which is at stake.

If you have already decided you want to meet someone who is also ready for a long term commitment then you should be honest about it from the beginning. Actually, many women find it romantic to hear a man talking about sharing his future with someone and being committed to a single woman. Therefore, you should always make it clear that you are not looking for an affair or a fling. There will definitely be women who will find this type of commitment to be overrated, but anyway they are not the type of woman you are looking for, are you?

You might not be 20 anymore, but you have many aces up your sleeves, especially because you have the experience the 20 year-olds don’t have. By now you have met lots of women, you know how to behave in their presence and what they expect from you, but most importantly you know what you want from a woman. Take advantage of the experience and skills you have acquired and use them in your favor. Don’t be afraid of not finding what you are looking for. It may take time, but you will definitely meet the woman who is looking for the exact same thing.

Always remember, being in your 30’s is not synonymous with being too old to date. There are people in their 60’s who are dating and it is not any less normal than teenagers dating. Everybody needs love and affection and you are responsible for your own happiness, so go out there and find what makes you happy.

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