Moving in Together: Cons Part 1

Moving in Together: Cons Part 1


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Moving in together is just another step in the natural course of a committed relationship, being also the time when the partners get to know each other best as they discover themselves in everyday situations within a natural and comfortable environment.

As a man, you may be curious about the new experiences that moving in together will bring along such as: what will she do in this new land of cohabitation? What can go wrong? What am I going to find out about her? and so on. But be prepared to take the good, the bad and everything that comes in between with the decision of cohabitation.

Let’s start with the bad, or the Cons of moving in together

  1. 1.       Losing your own place. Whether you are moving in with her, or she moves in with you, one of you will lose their comfort zone. Imagine your mornings of bliss, when the sunlight flooded your room in the perfect amount, making you wake up in a heavenly atmosphere? Well, prepare to draw the curtains at your new place and just face the old, brick wall of the adjacent building. Still feel ok, because you’re in love and it’s worth it right?
  2. 2.       Her weird sleeping habits. Picture this: your first night sleeping together at your new place. Everything is perfectly put into place: the pillows, the blankets, the mattress is comfortable, you take her in your arms and you start to drift off, when suddenly she starts snoring, not in that cute way, but worse than a rusted muffler. What can you do, given that you didn’t see that happening before?! Just poke her or move her a bit and problem no. 1 is solved, temporarily.
  3. 3.       Dirty laundry. She may be nagging you a bit about keeping the house clean and tidy, but don’t have a shock when you go at the bathroom in the morning and find some pairs of soaked panties. Don’t worry, this means she’s comfortable enough around you to do that. Still, she leaves them in the bathroom, not on the sofa, like you did with your socks and boxers. So, run and pick them up and throw them in the hamper where they belong. You ought to learn these rules together, right?
  4. 4.       The war for the TV. You will end up fighting on the TV remote control, it’s inevitable because she will want to watch six hours of Sex and the City exactly when your team is playing. You have two options: compromise, that is, one of you renounces and is angry for the next few weeks on this matter or one of you, or both buy another TV. Neither option is very pleasant …but welcome to the togetherness land!
  5. 5.       Cleaning-up the house. The one dish in your sink that stayed there for up to two days, but didn’t bother anyone, has turned now in a pile of dishes as of course there are two people in the house. Not to mention that you also try new recipes so who knows what might end up in the sink for cleaning? So who will clean this mess? You both have expectations from one another, and those raised brows won’t help you decide. Rock, paper, scissors might just do the trick. Yes, make this problem a game and solve it in a fun way, even if it’s you who has the deal with the pile in the sink!

After you move in together with your girlfriend there are a few things you may be surprised with, and not in the good way. Learn how to cope with them and ensure a peaceful and harmonious couple life.

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