Moving in Together: Pros Part 2

Moving in Together: Pros Part 2


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Moving in together is just another step in the natural course of a committed relationship, being also the time when the partners get to know each other best as they discover themselves in everyday situations within a natural and comfortable environment.

As a man, you may be curious about the new experiences that moving in together will bring along such as: what will she do in this new land of cohabitation? what can go wrong? What am I going to find out about her? and so on. But be prepared to take the good, the bad and everything that comes in between with the decision of cohabitation.

Continuing with the good, or the Pros of moving in together

  1. Are your friends jealous on your “honeymoon suite”?

When all your friends are going through the trouble of finding a place where to spend the night with their dates, you and your girlfriend already have yours, and it’s free of charge. Spend a bit to spice things up, buy some popcorn, watch a movie and then get crazy, benefitting from your own intimate space, without having to worry that someone might bother or disturb you!

  1. Put her stuff with yours

More stuff, more access to new things on a constant basis. Clean and warm blankets for wintertime, extra CDs, maybe even play station games, not to mention how good she looks in your button-down shirt in the morning! Go exploring through her stuff as she does the same, and you will have something new to spice up your lives with!

  1. Money saving

Everything you had to pay for alone until now, has just been halved. Cable, electricity, phone, internet, food, stuff for the house, even contraception…anything will be shared, which means there’s going to be more money in your pockets. Plus, this means that you can save up for going on a trip, on vacation, do something fun together or simply buy some things you couldn’t have afforded before. Sounds good, right?

  1. Sex

This doesn’t even need any more explanations. Just sex. Anytime, anywhere.

  1. “Honey, I’m home!”

It might sound corny, but it’s true: it’s actually very pleasant to come home, knowing that someone who loves you is waiting for you. Imagine a boring, or very bad day at work, you feel tired and stressed and hungry. She waits for you at home with a hot, delicious meal, hugs you, kisses you, comforts you, and helps you forget about that awful day just with a smile! Enough with microwaved food, lonely dinners with the dog and self-complaining. You’ve got her!

Of course there are pros and cons about moving in together, but the advantages are more than obvious so there are a lot of things you can benefit from when moving in together with your girlfriend. 

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