Moving in together

Moving in together


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Trials and tests come naturally in any relationship and it determines whether the two are right for each other. One of the greatest challenges is that of moving in together.

You need to take some things into consideration before moving in together because it might not be the right time in your relationship and everything could go south.

Home is where the heart is

If two people move in together it generally means that they can coexist, but this is a very determining point for a relationship.

You need to ask yourselves some questions before you decide to take your relationship to the next level. You should take a look and find out what might go good or bad if the two of you are taking this big step.


The main problem with moving in together is that you might not be ready for it. Couples tend to find out that they made a mistake only when it’s too late.

Moving in together means that you will show each other all of your sides and not just the pretty and nice things you’ve showed until now.

Every day and every night you will get to see her, every move she makes, every reaction she has even if you probably are excited to think that you will be seeing her walk around in her underwear, you shouldn’t be so eager because you will get used to it and it will eventually lose its sexual appeal.

Intimacy is something sacred in a relationship but when it’s available 24/7 you might lose some of your appetite, as well as having images of her washing clothes or cleaning the kitchen counters that might pop into your head at any moment.


You get to show each other that you are ready for this big step and that you don’t get cold feet. This is one of the biggest steps to take so it has the possibility of bringing you even closer together. Even if it might be frightening to go from seeing each other every other day to seeing each other every moment of the day, it still has the power to fortify the relationship.

You can end up enjoying all the things she does and the other way around, even if at first you had your doubts or fears. This is a sign that you are on your way towards a bright and happy future together.

In general the little things make a relationship last and you will appreciate her when she gives up a day spent with the girls to care for you if you are sick.

Things you can avoid

The moving in can happen for a number of reasons, either you both wanted to move out of your parents’ house or you had to move from the apartment you lived in because your room mates left. Be sure that you are not moving in together because of the finances or anything other than the natural transition of your relationship.

Think about it, it’s not worth throwing away your perfect relationship so that you can save some money and you most certainly shouldn’t rush into it.


If you go through with the moving in just make sure that you:

Have your personal space

When you decorate or choose furniture you should both agree on what fabrics and colors you use. A couple’s apartment shouldn’t be too girly or somewhat of a bachelor pad, it will make one of you uncomfortable.

Revealing too much

Things need to be taken slow, you shouldn’t rush to put everything you have on the table, if you give away everything in one shot your personality will begin to lose its mystery and charm. The worst thing that can happen is that you let her know you like the back of her hand, it might scare her away.

Respect your personal space

Living under the same roof doesn’t mean that you can’t have your own space in the house. You need your personal space because it can be very tiring to see the same face every minute of every day. Find some corner in the house where you feel the most comfortable and where you can go to for some quiet time.

Shared responsibilities

So none of you grow tired of doing the chores in the house, divide them equally so that both of you get to do things around the house.

As earlier mentioned you need to be very careful when you choose to move in with your partner, be sure you are ready to take this step, not because you just want to live somewhere else or you need the extra money.

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